What Our Customers Are Saying

John Haswell - Threat Extinguisher Customer Testimonial

John Haswell –
Shadyside Local Schools

Shadyside Local School District installed in their 3 campus buildings in August 2017 before their staff and students returned for the school year. The system is installed in key locations and classrooms to improve upon their current options. Shadyside LSD was already using a version of OC/Pepper Spray with key staff. Teachers & Staff are happy to have our system installed that provides additional benefits like communication. The Threat Extinguisher System uses a tactical grade OC spray that is long range, highly effective intended use product that is non-flammable and all natural. The addition of automated communication improves response times that are critical to saving lives. John Haswell, “Time matters when we have a situation, and now we can implement the safety protocols we train for even faster. We have an effective option for defense while law enforcement is on the way.”

Travis Thompson - Threat Extinguisher Customer Testimonial

Travis Thompson –
Director of Risk Management

Hylant Administrative Services/Ohio School Plan, uses our system in his presentations to schools, libraries and municipalities to demonstrate better options for active shooter and other violent events. He explains why having an easy-to-use option for defense is critical and why it is important to use a product for its intended use to minimize risk, and how the Threat Extinguisher maximizes survivability by providing information quickly to first responders and key staff while offering an effective and tested product for less lethal defense.

Troy McIntosh - Threat Extinguisher Customer Testimonial

Troy Mcintosh –
Worthington Christian Schools

“One of the issues that today’s schools must confront that was not a significant issue just a generation ago is student safety and school security. While the chances that an incident like an active shooter at our school are extremely small, the results could be catastrophic if it does,” -Troy McIntosh.

“Over the last decade, we have implemented a number of new security features…a comprehensive emergency action plan in conjunction with local first responders & Homeland Security officials…We are always asking ourselves, “What else can we do to better prepare for our students’ protection?”

Threat Extinguisher was installed throughout the Worthington Christian Campus to protect students and staff April 2017.

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