Threat Extinguisher Helps You Know Where to GO….FASTER.

School Resource Officers Know Where to Go Instantly with Threat Extinguisher

An Innovative Tool for SROs and Key Staff

Threat Extinguisher has been designed to help School Resource Officers, Campus Police, and Key Staff receive information faster when there is a threat or violent event at your school. Our system adds automated texts and calls to start your safety responses and protocols within seconds. And, in a new space that has many ideas on what protocols are best, we can all agree that SAVING TIME, SAVES LIVES.

Even in our schools with great resources, there never seems to be enough in the budget to have as much SRO or Campus Security coverage as everyone would like, and whether you are responsible for an entire campus or one specific building, you just can’t be everywhere at once. Our system is strategically designed for your building(s), or campus, to be available for easy access during a violent or active shooter event. Within seconds of a Threat Extinguisher being activated, you will receive a text that alerts you to the location of the activated Threat Extinguisher, allowing you to move to that location to help de-escalate the situation, if possible, or help mitigate an active shooter. Simultaneously, there are a few other actions that are designed to help you.

  1. Alert: Building staff receives the alert to initiate safety protocols, like lock-down/shelter in place, so they and their students are quickly out of harm’s way.
  2. Notify: a call goes immediately to local law enforcement, so while you are working on the situation, back-up is automatically on the way.
  3. Defend: providing an easy-to-use pepper-gel product that delivers a heavy-, tinted-stream of pepper gel that travels 20% further than typical sprays; allowing teachers and staff to put more distance between them and the attacker. This option provides a proven-effective option (much better than throwing whatever is at hand like staplers or chairs) for those in danger to strive to protect themselves in the critical moments before help can arrive.

We understand this is a tough topic and makes many people uncomfortable; however, it is a discussion we all need to have. Threat Extinguisher helps you add an essential layer of communication to your safety program, and when you have great tools, it is easier to have these discussions with your community and the training drills to ensure everyone knows what to do during a crisis.

In an industry where there is a lot of disagreement on what works best, there is some consensus:

  1. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.
  2. Saving Time, Saves Lives.

People need to be more aware of their surroundings and be prepared to make decisions quickly to move themselves and others to safety. We are striving to help you SAVE TIME.

With the increase of these events in our schools, faith spaces, and businesses, there is a need for adding a layered safety program, and there are many valuable options to help your staff and students. Monitoring the perimeter with door access controls, some include an option to quickly check visitors by scanning their driver’s license, and cameras to work towards keeping people out that may pose a threat. Window film impact protection to slow an assault, allowing people more time to get to safety. Easy-to-employ door barricades to lock down more quickly and effectively than a handle lock when there is an attack. Adding resource officers/security officers trained to help de-escalate situations and that are trained in using weapons to stop an assailant.

Panic and mass notification systems to call for help faster and easier. Programs to train for evacuation or lockdown, like ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) or CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events). All great options here. And, of course, preventive programs to help staff and students learn the warning signs, like Sandy Hook Promise, an organization that trains students and adults to know the signs of gun violence. All are striving to create layers for your plan so that we can reduce the horrific experiences and loss of senseless violence. When the threat is already inside and the situation further deteriorates into violence Threat Extinguisher provides a powerful ALERT, NOTIFY AND DEFEND SYSTEM. The defense system has been carefully thought out with the best options to create a powerful communication system with an option for defense improving upon the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT strategies that Homeland Security promotes for when a situation deteriorates into violence.

You can always reach out to us for a Free Demo. We are here to help you improve your safety programs.