Threat Extinguisher Alert Notify Defend

One Sound, One Action

For years we have trained one sound one action with fire drills to prepare for a fire event.  The Threat Alert System takes what has proven to work for fire and applies it to active threat prevention as a simple, yet effective way to train individuals on how to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of an active threat situation.

We hope that by implementing a “one sound, one action” approach similar to a fire drill for active threat prevention, we can help prepare individuals to respond effectively and decisively in the event of a real-life emergency, potentially saving lives in the process.

Threat Alert Horn

The 110+dB Threat Alert Horn provides an audible alert that can be heard in most any condition. Ideal for office buildings, schools, churches, and industrial organizations the Threat Alert Horn provides approximately 150m radius notification.

Alarm Integration

With the Threat Alert System you can increase the functionality of your existing alarm system, blue light system, or Alertus installation. Add One Sound, One Action to your existing system today!

Local Server

Utilizing a local server reduces total cost of ownership and removes costly monthly fees.

Threat Alert System, Local Server, Web Managed

Web Managed

Easily configured and monitored from a local web page, helping guarantee all devices and clients are on-line.

Local Devices

Supports a range of wired and wireless buttons, Threat Extinguishers, and input devices to activate or deactivate the system.

2ch relay, control,

Integrate with Existing Alarm System

Designed with Alarm Dealers in mind using our Alarm Integration module, the Threat Alert System can be activated by the customers existing Alarm system and devices, or activate the customers existing alarm system!

Server Features

  1. Device Only System
    Add to existing system (blue light, alarm panel, Alertus, etc..) or use standalone with alarm panel for emergency event notification.
  2. Desktop Only System
    Augment existing system to provide desktop notifications to your customers
  3. Device and Desktop System
    Use our devices and desktop notification as a base for your emergency action plan.

Does your customer already have devices connected to the alarm system?  No problem, activate the Threat Alert System from a simple relay closure to add Threat Alert Horns Audible or Desktop notification to your existing customers!

With the addition of our Single Relay control module a system can activate a lockdown or clear the lockdown from a single relay.

With our Relay control module the Threat Alert System can close fire doors restricting movement within a building, Activate the override on access control systems, or activate a 24hr monitored zone on the alarm panel to alert emergency services of an event.

Simplified web management allows for updating username/password, server IP address scheme, and custom canned messaging to be sent out during an event.  Messages can be configured for “Lockdown”, “Lockout”, “Shelter-in-Place”, and “All Clear” events. During an event keep your staff informed by sending an “Information” message to all desktop clients. 

Set the length the horns are activated for, the delay between the initial activation and repeating activations, and the length of the repeating activation to meet your emergency action plan requirements.

The Threat Alert System provides a service mode allowing for devices to be tested without activating the system. 

The Threat Alert System Desktop Alert client gives users the ability to update their location and username within the application for reporting during an event.

The Threat Alert System Manager Client allows for administrative staff to send custom event messages, activate, and clear events.  The client also allows administrative staff to view the current status of all clients and devices any time.

During a lockdown event the Threat Alert System desktop client provides a way for staff to report number of kids accounted for, add a comment, and report if they are locked down or need medical assistance.

Not using the desktop client, no problem, the server allows for a password protected web check-in as well!