Threat Extinguisher at Ohio School Board Association Annual Meeting

This is where it started. Ohio School Board Association was our unveiling to the public. And it was the appropriate venue for our first outing since the tragedy at Sandy Hook shooting moved our co-founders, Sam and Paul, to move forward on the development of the Threat Extinguisher communication and non-lethal defense system.

Ohio School Board Association Educators holding Stand Up signs stating their beliefs including: I believe in Public Education, School Boards Strengthen Public Education, Who I am Today Began with Public Schooling.

We had a great location and our design lead, Alan, created a booth design to highlight our two system design, the Threat Extinguisher Smart Base and Smart Case.

Threat Extinguisher Non-Lethal Self Defense System Booth at Ohio School Board Association featuring the Smart Base and Smart Case along with information including our Alert, Notify, Defend system pairing non-lethal self defense with a smart alarm system that automatically notifies police and or security of the location of the situation while providing people on the scene an effective means for incapacitating the threat.

Now in our second year at the Ohio School Board Association the response to our system was amazing. Many board members remembered Threat Extinguisher from last year, they and others felt the timing was right for our system in schools.

We heard many Ohio school board association members saying there are renewed discussions about bringing more guns into the schools, not just a resource officer but teachers and administrators. Threat Extinguisher provides another option, we can change the discussion from “guns or no guns” to “guns or a non-lethal system”. And many board members, many of whom had been classroom teachers, shared with us that many teachers don’t want to carry guns and worry about potential issues with their use including what if a teacher is overpowered by a student. Threat Extinguisher can be another layer to the security in schools.

For more information on Active Shooter training we recommend reading the Department of Homeland Securities website.

A great resource to help any organization including schools understand how to prepare for this terrible possibility. And we are there to support this protocol with our Alert, Notify and Defend systems.

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