Are you a soft target?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about Soft Targets, and we are often ask “What is soft target security and how does it work differently from other security systems?”

The Department of Homeland Security defines Soft Targets and Crowded Places (ST-CPs) as any locations that are easily accessible to large numbers of people and that have limited security or protective measures in place making them vulnerable to attack, such as sports venues, shopping venues, schools, churches/houses of worship, and public transportation systems. While traditional security works at facilities that can limit access to the the public, and have options to require background checks on persons coming and going from the facility or area. These types of locations are secured through a perimeter with restricted access using door entry controls systems requiring ID or biometric locks, and are often monitored with the use of cameras. With soft target security people come and go in areas more freely and often in larger numbers. According to the FBI, the frequency and lethality of active shooter incidents in America is increasing, making it a shared mission and a new demand to reduce the risk of attacks and the impact of attacks in these vulnerable spaces. Security for soft targets requires fast and decisive actions to save lives. As a response to this, the Threat Extinguisher Non-Lethal Defense System has been specifically designed to help make spaces safer by saving time. This system is an innovative & powerful tool to help add an essential layer to safety programs by providing help when a situation deteriorates into violence. The current protocols of RUN-HIDE-FIGHT shared from Homeland Security can be improved upon by using technology to facilitate faster communication and initiate faster actions by staff. Within seconds of a Threat Extinguisher being lifted from its base, we simultaneously provide:

1) Alert: texts with vital information to designated contacts within your facility to begin safety protocols as quickly as possible.

2) Notify: immediate calls to first responders for automatic dispatch that includes info on the time and location of each activated base.

3) Defend: easy-to-use proven-effective option for defense, if necessary, in the critical moments while waiting for help to arrive.

We recommend creating a safety plan that incorporates layers of safety using a variety of strategies based on the space, The Threat Extinguisher Defense System is just one layer in a good safety program.

The difference of the two needs is that soft target security is more about keeping a large group of more random people safe in a space at various times and events, where traditional security aims to protect a group of people that is more controlled and to also protect the contents of the facility when it is empty or has a smaller staff inside.

Advantages of the Threat Extinguisher Defense System for Soft Targets.

“I am completely satisfied with the product and especially with the company’s representatives. Sam, Amy and Mike did an outstanding job. I recommend the Threat Extinguisher without reservation. It provides an additional level of safety for our students and staff. I think it was money well spent.” ~ Richard Bereschik, Wellsville Local Schools