Remember Your Drills

Remember drills for violent intruders are an important part of your safety plan. Everyone from your staff to students needs practice to respond to an event as quickly as possible. The staff needs to be able to make decisive decisions quickly in a time of crisis.

Developing a full shield of protection and having everyone know the options helps save lives in the critical moments. We are partnered in a group that can help you develop safety protocols from entry access controls to door barricades to real time maps to early awareness for social media and mental health awareness programs to Threat Extinguisher. Our system of ALERT, NOTIFY, AND…DEFEND is an essential layer in your safety program for when a situation becomes violent. Helping save time, to save lives.

DriveMind Shield Protection Plan



Here is an example letter to families about a drill:
“Warhawk Nation-Central conducted a school safety drill today that simulated and intruder in the building with a weapon. Students and staff participated in the drill scenario and were able to choose their response to the intruder based upon information provided to them throughout the simulation. Our students and staff did a phenomenal job today and it certainly sparked a lot of conversation throughout the day. Feel free to debrief with your student at home about today’s drill.

Thank you for your continued support of Central’s effort to provide a safe and supportive learning community. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with such a great group of young people. You certainly should be proud of your Warhawk(s) today.”

Threat Extinguisher provides free demos and quotes.
Alert, Notify, AND Defend.