Preparedness is Important for Active Shooter & Violent Events

Let’s not focus on this and become more divided on Active Shooter & Violent Event Training. Let’s work together to improve our options for when these tragic events occur. Let’s all try to understand the facts that have led us to strive to make spaces safer. This is a difficult subject to grasp and tackle.

Ok, there was some poor judgement in one district while they were trying to work on PREPAREDNESS for when a situation deteriorates but they were trying. Now we learn from this and move forward. We have created a system that ALERTS (texts teachers/staff with the location where a violent event is occurring; NOTIFIES (simultaneously while texting, calls go out to local law enforcement to come to the scene); AND…we DEFEND (we provide a proven effective option to help those in harm’s way defend themselves. Our defense is well thought out and non-lethal to strive to save lives not take more.

We also believe in Preparedness training, we should all be using practice drills so the teachers, staff, & students know how to use the tools we provide to them. The more you train, the faster and more decisive your decisions are, and this helps save more lives during the chaos that is guaranteed to ensue during an active shooter or violent event. We have developed our training to be informative and uses inert product so people can practice using our system with no danger of harm.

If you’d like more information on how our innovative communication and defense system can help Save Time to Save Lives for your schools or businesses, please reach out to us for a free demonstration and quote. Thank you.