Global Christian Schools Leadership Summit 2019 — THANK YOU!

Thank you to ACSI for allowing Threat Extinguisher the opportunity to connect with you at GCSLS to help you improve your school’s options to keep your students and staff safe. We are inspired by your passion and dedication for your mission to prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our founders believe that schools need a welcoming atmosphere and provide a positive space for growth; after tragic events they believed in a better option to counter the violence, believing that students need to also feel secure to obtain their goals. Threat Extinguisher is an Alert, Notify and Defend System that provides powerful communication and an option for non-lethal, yet proven-effective, defense for when any situation becomes violent, or becomes an active shooter event.

Threat Extinguisher works with you to custom design a solution for your school that is affordable and expandable.

Our system is designed to SAVE TIME to SAVE LIVES…

with the simple action of lifting a canister from a Threat Extinguisher Base, your safety protocols can begin with more information:
ALERT: Your staff receives texts to begin safety protocols within seconds along with your onsite SROs/security professionals.
NOTIFY: Simultaneously, centralized monitoring calls local law enforcement for help earlier in a violent event.
DEFEND: Tactical pepper gel spray is an easy-to-use, proven-effective option for “fight” for those in harm’s way before help can arrive.


We value our relationship with ACSI schools, and provide a 25% discount on our Threat Extinguisher bases at any time. As a special bonus from the GCSLS 2019 in San Antonio TX, we would like to offer a 30% discount on the Threat Extinguisher bases; offer is good on all orders placed by May 31st, 2019.

Call 844-658-5868 to receive discount in person or on our online store.

Contact us for a free demo and quote anytime.