Defense for Public Places

If adding guns isn’t the solution for safety, or practical, in many public spaces, then check out what Threat Extinguisher has to offer…

After analyzing 37 years of data, a Stanford team finds no basis for the theory that that people enhance public safety by carrying guns to defend themselves.

A communications system that provides an option for defense.

With concerns about defending people from violence in public spaces (businesses, restaurants, malls, schools, etc.) being on the rise, we can provide a non-lethal solution that doesn’t require extensive training or skill to use the system. Nor does it cause the law enforcement that will be on the way quickly to question who the perpetrators are–if our tactical grade pepper spray is deployed it marks the attacker with ultraviolet dye.

We can help you improve your safety plan with our Threat Extinguisher Systems. Our system provides simultaneous communications AND an option to defend:

  1. texts to designated contacts while sounding an alarm for the immediate area
  2. calls for help to police & fire
  3. provides a non-lethal, easy-to-use option for defense, if necessary, in the critical moments while waiting for help to arrive

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