Companies are Striving to Save Lives with Better Options for a Serious Issue…

The US Administration School Safety Committee has issued recommendations to help improve school safety today. And this should bring more focus to the need to improve safety in our public and private buildings. Yes, there are people and companies striving to improve how we respond to violent events in our schools, churches, and businesses. Threat Extinguisher is one of those companies, and most of us are NOT just trying to profit off of fear. It makes sense to strive for improvements in how we respond to events that are taking innocent lives.

In the wake of hotel fires in Nevada, especially the MGM Grand on November 21st, 1980, at the 26-story Strip resort, built in 1972, took 87 lives. The state took actions to improve the safety in public buildings that altered safety standards in both Nevada and across the nation to help save lives. Since then, there has not been a fire death in a high-rise building in Las Vegas. There was not one solution but many, like sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, fire retardant materials, and changes in HVAC air handling. Today with new technology the protection has improved, like computers that can pinpoint the origin of fires and vent smoke out of areas to help firefighters.

Threat Extinguisher always recommends a layered approach. We work with The Drivemind Group and partners to create an entire SHIELD of protection, from controlled entry access to door barricades for interior spaces, to mass notification and panic notifications.

CORRECTION: The news person notes our system costs $1,500 per can. This is not accurate. Our system employs a variety of components to create our communication defense system. We provide a free site analysis to create a customized plan & quote for your facility. The cost is never more than $1,195 per Threat Extinguisher SmartBase or Smart Case, and based on the design of your system we provide discounts. We also provide a variety panic button options, sirens, strobes and can tie into other programs you may be using. We ARE STRIVING TO SAVE LIVES and we have been designing our systems with cost and effectiveness in mind to make our systems as affordable as possible….and yes that means we need to stay in business to help you improve your safety plans.

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