Are safety options really safe?

Finding a layer of safety for when a situation turns violent…improve safety, minimize risk.

With increases in violent activity many schools, businesses, and places of faith feel the need to
improve safety for their facilities. Most are public spaces that still want people to feel welcome,
people need to enjoy the time they are spending in the space, while the facilities also have a
need to allow people to come and go from their buildings throughout the day and evening.
Many security professionals agree you need a proven, effective option for defense. And one that
won’t create more trauma or harm to the students and staff. Many facilities aren’t on-board with
introducing lethal options to their spaces. When it is appropriate, with a highly trained resource
officer for example, the person with the skill still can’t be in all places at one time.

It is clear that the best safety plan includes training and practice to make sure at the time of
crisis your safety protocols are second nature, and people can make quick and decisive decisions to save lives.

In an industry where there is a lot of disagreement on what works best, there is some

1. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and 2. Saving time, saves lives; People
need to be more aware of their surroundings and be prepared to make decisions quickly to
move themselves and others to safety.

With the increase of these events in our schools, faith spaces, and businesses, there is a need
for adding a layered safety program, and there are many valuable options to help your staff and
students. Monitoring the perimeter with door access controls, some include an option to quickly
check visitors by scanning their driver’s license, and cameras to work towards keeping people
out that may pose a threat. Window film impact protection to slow an assault, allowing people
more time to get to safety. Easy-to-employ door barricades to lock down more quickly and
effectively than a handle lock when there is an attack. Adding resource officers/security officers
trained to help de-escalate situations and that are trained in using weapons to stop an assailant.
Panic and mass notification systems to call for help faster and easier. Programs to train for
evacuation or lock down, like ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate) or
CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events). All great options here. And, of course,
preventive programs to help staff and students learn the warning signs, like Sandy Hook
Promise, an organization that trains students and adults to know the signs of gun violence. All
are striving to create layers for your plan so that we can reduce the horrific experiences and loss
of senseless violence.

When the threat is already inside and the situation further deteriorates into violence Threat
Extinguisher provides a powerful ALERT, NOTIFY AND DEFEND SYSTEM. The defense
system has been carefully thought out with the best options to create a powerful communication
system with an option for defense improving upon the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT strategies that
Homeland Security promotes for when a situation deteriorates into violence.

Since it is often asked, if our system and the pepper gel product are safe for your buildings and
the people inside. The answer is yes. The system is designed to alert people in the building

faster to begin safety protocols, to help get the right professionals on-site to help as quickly as
possible, and to provide an option for defense that won’t take more lives and create more
trauma. We have even contacted the State of Ohio Health Department to confirm our system’s
components are acceptable in public buildings. And, the clean up is simple with just soap and
water, and vacuuming.

Our system works to save time to save lives. For Communication, Threat Extinguisher, uses a
security tunnel of a cell company as the channel to send the the notifications via text to those in
your building(s), and to send out the call to local authorities for bringing professional help to the
scene. The system is reliable with a battery back-up and technology that sends the emergency
signals out of the base unit even if it is tampered with. The system cannot be disabled by loss of
power or wifi outage.

For Defense, we work closely with Sabre and have employed their Sabre Red Gel product that
has many benefits to improve the “Fight” option.
• Gel greatly reduces cross contamination by not allowing the formula to atomize into
the air.

• Gel is least affected by wind or being drawn into air handlers.
• This product requires simple clean up for the area.
• Sabre has a two-step decontamination product to help dramatically reduce the effects
on any subjects accidentally affected. —Sabre Decon Cleanse & Sabre Decon Soothe.

Gel benefits over spray
• Pepper gel can travel 20% further than spray, putting more distance between you and
the attacker.
• Unlike pepper spray, pepper gel is dispensed as a thick, sticky substance.
This means it will stick to an attacker’s skin, making it much more difficult for the
attacker to wipe it off.
•  Gel is thicker than liquid pepper sprays, pepper gel cannot be blown back into your
face. This makes pepper gel a good choice for defending yourself

outside, inside, and in close quarters.

Area decontamination process
• Open all windows and entrances possible for maximum ventilation. Fans help as well.
• Vacuum any fabric-based carpet or furniture.
• Wash hard surfaces with soap and water.
• As circumstances allow, restrict access to the area until decontamination is observed.

Subject decontamination process
Once the subject has been physically restrained…

• Remove them from contaminated area.
• Assess potential medical concerns.
• Reassure the subject that effects are temporary, and that you’ll assist in providing relief.
• Remove any contaminated clothing (if appropriate) and seal in plastic bag.
• Soak cloth in cool, clean water and use to wipe subject’s skin – but don’t rub the eyes.
• Flush eyes and skin with cool, clean water

• Encourage subject to strobe eyes, creating natural tears, especially if no water source is
available. Ask subject to close eyes tightly and then open widely, and repeat a number of
times to produce a stream of tears. Don’t use your hands to help subject open and close

Subject decontamination reminders
• Closely monitor subject.
• Subject should begin to feel relief within 20-30 minutes.
• Most effects should completely subside within an hour.
• Subject or properly trained EMT personnel should remove contact lenses.

Red Gel Product Overview
The SABRE Red 1.33% MC, 16.0 oz., MK-9 Gel deploys eight (8) full one (1) second bursts at a
range of 25 to 30 feet. The MK-9 utilizes a pistol grip handle with safety tab and pin to prevent
accidental discharge. All SABRE MK-9 pins are equipped with a safety lanyard. Gel greatly
reduces cross contamination by not allowing the formula to atomize into the air. Furthermore,
gel is least affected by wind.

• Exclusive HPLC guarantee  (only manufacturer to ensure heat specifications via an in-
house high performance liquid chromatography laboratory)
• 5-year shelf life
• Backed by eye, skin & inhalation testing
• Target acquisition confirmation
• UV marking dye
• Non-flammable/EID compatible
• High temperature exposure test
• Low temperature exposure test
• PSI accuracy test before leaving factory
• Leakage prevention test before leaving factory
• ISO 9001:2008 Certified
• EPA & Health Canada Establishment

Here is a quick recap on our system.
An innovative & powerful tool to help add another layer to your safety program. Improving RUN-
HIDE-FIGHT by adding our AND:
1) Alert: texts with vital information to designated contacts to begin safety protocols as quickly
as possible

2) Notify: immediate calls to first responders for automatic dispatch that includes info
on the time and location of each activated base
3) Defend: easy-to-use proven-effective option for defense, if necessary, in the critical moments
while waiting for help to arrive
You can view our “Keep Them Safe” and “How It Works” videos at our website homepage,