Advantages of adding a system designed for violent/active shooter events

Threat Extinguisher is easy-to-use, just about anyone can activate it to initiate the calls for help, and with very little skill or training can use the canister of gel pepper spray for defense.

Simply lift the canister from its base and the communications begin, then if necessary, pull the safety pin, point and fire the tactical grade gel at the attacker by pressing the large yellow button. Automating the calls for help to onsite security and outside law enforcement with a simple action that requires no speaking, we help improve response times by getting calls for help out earlier in a violent event. Homeland Security’s protocol of Run, Hide, Fight, says to call “911 [for help] when it is safe to do so,” with events often lasting only minutes, this is often when the event has ended and the person(s) calling 911 are stressed and don’t have much information to share.

From the Homeland Security Mishap Prevention Insight Active Shooter Guide (2017)

How To Respond When an Active Shooter is in Your Vicinity

    • If there is an accessible escape path, evacuate the premises.
    • Have an escape route and plan
    • Leave your belongings behind
    • Help others escape, if possible
    • Keep your hands visible
    • If evacuation is not possible, hide.
    • Hide in an area out of view
    • Block entry to your hiding place and lock the doors
    • Silence your cell phone
    • Remain quiet
    If your life is in imminent danger:

    • Attempt to incapacitate shooter
    • Act as aggressively as possible against him/her
    • Throw items/improvise weapons
    • Commit to your actions
    • Call 911 When It Is Safe to Do So

The defense option of tactical grade pepper gel spray is well-tested and highly-effective. Having a non-lethal option for defense, improves on throwing whatever is at hand, and helps to reduces trauma in an event, along with avoiding accidental injury.  Having a system that can help save time, helps save lives.

“We installed the Threat Extinguisher Defense System to empower teachers, staff, and students with a powerful tool, so they feel more secure and encouraged by the by the additional layer of safety. The system helps automate communications for faster responses to move students to safety and call police for help. And, it offers a more effective option for defense as a last resort for those directly in harm’s way.” ~ Todd Marrah, Ed.D, Tree of Life Christian Schools